Recommended Retail Price : $15 per 250g

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Brazil, Sempre Viva

Sempre Viva is a small plot of land within the beautiful Fazenda Progreso farm. Named after a very special flower found in the local area, it translates to ‘ever alive’, referencing the fact that even after being harvested, the flower will preserve its aroma and colour for up to 60 years.

Region   :  Chapada Diamantina
Altitude :  1150 masl
Varietal  :  Catuai
Process  :  Pulped Natural

Flavour notes: 

Hazelnut, cocoa & baked apple

Espresso Recipe :

Dose - 20g
Yield - 45g
Time - 28 seconds

*All our recipes are based on a 20g VST basket with a brew temperature between 92-96 degrees based on your desired flavour profile

What our baristas say : 

Hazelnut up front with a velvety mouthfeel. Through milk it's sweet and chocolately, like a Nutella milkshake!