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Ethiopia, Indigo 0718
Carbonic Maceration

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A very special Limited Release from Villino Coffee. Like a fine wine, perfectly ripe and sorted coffee cherries are placed in tanks and flushed with CO2 to remove any oxygen. Yeast is added and fermentation is controlled by managing temperature and humidity levels inside the tank. This advanced method of processing adds complexity to the coffee’s flavour profile. Best enjoyed black.

Region   :  Kochere, Yirgacheffe
Altitude :  1950-2300 masl
Varietal  :  Heirloom Varietals
Process  :  Natural Carbonic Maceration

Flavour Notes:

Cherry, Grape, Blueberry

Espresso Recipe :

Dose - 20g
Yield - 45g
Time - 25 seconds

*All our recipes are based on a 20g VST basket with a brew temperature between 92-96 degrees based on your desired flavour profile

What our baristas say : 

Is it actually coffee? This little gem bridges the gap between coffee and wine resulting in one of the most complex coffees of 2019. Welcome to the future.