Recommended Retail Price : $15 per 250g

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Ethiopia, Yirgacheffe Gr1

Yirgacheffe is a renowned coffee growing area in Ethiopia, widely recognised as the birthplace of coffee. This washed coffee exhibits the distinct varietal characteristics of the region. Tea-like and rich, with delicate notes of bergamot, vanilla and apricot.

Region   :  Yirgacheffe
Altitude :  1950-2150 masl
Varietal  :  Heirloom Varietals
Process  :  Washed

Flavour notes: 

Bergamot, floral & apricot

Espresso Recipe :

Dose - 20g
Yield - 48g
Time - 28 seconds

*All our recipes are based on a 20g VST basket with a brew temperature between 92-96 degrees based on your desired flavour profile

What our baristas say : 

A delicious example of a Grade 1 Yirgacheffe. Perfect as an espresso, and silky and floral with milk.