Recommended Retail Price : $16 per 250g

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Indonesia, Gunung Tujuh

The Gunung Tujuh follows a traditional Indonesian processing method called wet-hulling. Due to the humid climate, the process involves removing the parchment while the bean is still wet, exposing the bean when drying.

The volcanic landscape makes the soil extremely fertile and perfect for growing various plants including coffee.

Region   :  Sumatra
Altitude :  1400 - 1500 masl
Varietal  :  Sigarar Utang
Process  :  Wet Hulled Honey

Flavour notes: 

Plum, Poached Pear, Honey

Espresso Recipe :

Dose - 20g
Yield - 45g
Time - 26 seconds

*All our recipes are based on a 20g VST basket with a brew temperature between 92-96 degrees based on your desired flavour profile

What our baristas say : 

This is definitely the most interesting Indonesian coffee we have ever tasted. Although wet hulled coffees generally have less acidity and sweetness this one breaks the rules.